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About us

We, the editors, are a team of curious and committed volunteer PhD students and research staff working in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Careers Service. Our role is to source career profiles from a range of fascinating sectors written by researchers with backgrounds spanning the humanities, social sciences, physical and life sciences.

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Current Editors

Thomas Nicol

Thomas Nicol
Team Lead and Co-ordinating Editor

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Cardiovascular Medicine, Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford

Past Course: PhD in Molecular Genetics, Open University and MRC Harwell Institute

Thomas is a molecular biologist with a particular interest in understanding how the mitochondria produce energy for the cell and how this process is regulated by nitric oxide (NO). In his spare time he enjoys travelling, hiking and reading. Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn.

Sara Falcone

Sara Falcone picture
Media/Outreach Co-lead and Editor

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford.

Past Course: PhD in Mouse and Molecular genetics, MRC Harwell Institute

Sara is a veterinary surgeon with an interest in molecular biology. Originally from Italy, she is now a postdoc in Oxford investigating genetic and environmental factors in the onset, development and severity of type 1 diabetes in multiple species. In her spare time she likes hiking, travelling and cooking.

Natasha Sahgal

Natasha Sahgal
Editor for Research Careers – Beyond Academia

Former Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research, University of Oxford

Past Course: PhD in Applied Biotechnology, Cranfield University

Natasha is a computational biologist with a background in Biological Sciences and Biochemistry, and her research focused on human and cancer genetics. In her personal time, she likes travelling, gardening and spending time with family. Connect with Natasha Sahgal on LinkedIn.

Wenjun Huang

Editor for Research Careers – Beyond Academia

Current Position: DPhil in Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford.

Wenjun is currently doing her DPhil at Ludwig Institute in Oxford. Her research focuses on the understanding of the role of DNA modification in gene regulation. Wenjun is originally from China and likes running in her spare time. Connect Wenjun on Linkedln.

Gabriela Belsley

Editor for Research Careers – Beyond Academia

Current Position: DPhil in Biomedical Imaging, University of Oxford.

Gabriela is a Biomedical Engineer and a third year DPhil student in the Oxford Nottingham Biomedical Imaging CDT. She works in the Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research, at the John Radcliffe Hospital, on developing quantitative magnetic resonance imaging methods for better diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases. In her spare time, she likes hiking through nature, reading, playing the piano, running and swimming.

Linus Milinski

Linus Milinski
Editor for Research Careers – Beyond Academia

Current Position: DPhil Candidate in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

In his DPhil project funded by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People Linus is investigating the neuronal basis of subjective tinnitus across the sleep-wake cycle and the role of waking experience in sleep regulation. Next to his research work, Linus enjoys writing, running and kayaking. Connect with Linus on LinkedIn.

Kimberley Webb

Kimberley Webb
Editor for Research Careers – Beyond Academia

Current Position: DPhil Candidate in Ancient History

Kimberley’s research addresses the concept of collegiality in the Roman Republic, especially across political and religious institutions, and contributes to our understanding of cooperation and power-sharing in Ancient Roman public life. She is from Australia and has previously worked as a geologist in the mining industry. Connect with Kimberley on LinkedIn.

Shiny Joseph Srinivasan

Editor for Research Careers – Beyond Academia

Current Position: DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford

Shiny’s research focuses on developing techniques that make chemical synthesis more sustainable through Biocatalysis. She is originally from India and enjoys dancing, Zumba and Yoga during her spare time. Connect with Shiny on LinkedIn.

Aikaterini (Katrina) Tavoulari

Dr Aikaterini (Katrina) Tavoulari
Editor for Research Careers – Beyond Academia

Current Position: Teaching – Training Associate, University College London/ Teaching Associate – Academic Tutor – Accuracy Checker, University of Birmingham 

Past Course: PhD in disability (vision impairment, autism spectrum disorder), University of Birmingham 

Previous Team Leads and Co-ordinating Editors

Inga Koneczny
Inga Koneczny


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