Showcasing careers beyond academia
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Prosper. Unlocking postdoc career potential
A new approach to postdoc career development: a portal of free, accessible, easily-searchable content and resources to unlock postdocs’ potential to thrive in multiple career pathways.

Royal Society: Career Case Studies
A collection of case studies highlighting the range of career paths taken by researchers within and beyond academia, and also those that span both.

Vitae: What do researcher staff do next? Career stories
Career stories collection describing the experiences of research staff who have moved to occupations beyond academia.

FirstMedCommsJob: Medical Communications Career stories
A collection of profiles from individuals working for a range of medical communications companies.

eLife: Career options for Researchers
An hour long webinar discussing a range of career options available to those moving out of research and a summary of some key advice.

From PhD to Life: Transition Q & As
A career coach who also has a number of free resources available on their website. This includes some profiles discussing how people transitioned into non-academic careers.

PhDs at Work: Week in the Life
Bloggers sharing their work days for a week; there is also follow up series called “One Year Later”.

BMC: Science > Careers
A series of blogs on alternative career paths that involve science.

Cheeky Scientist
A job-search training platform supporting PhDs transitioning into industry.

“’s Guide to Science and Medical Communication covers everything from medical writing to science education and is designed for students, graduates, postdocs, and professionals interested in learning more about the field.”