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Are you a researcher keen to know more about roles beyond academia? And to extend your professional network?

Openings are now available on our team of postdocs, RAs and DPhil students to develop and promote, featuring profiles of PhD-holders who have moved into a range of jobs beyond academic research and of their employers.

As a member of the editorial team, you will be

  • able to expand the collection in sectors of interest to you
  • supported by fellow team-members and the Careers Service
  • networking effectively in circles relevant to you
  • broadening your communication skills and commercial awareness in ways valued by future employers

To find out more, write to and see we’re up to via Twitter and LinkedIn.


Do you want to raise your profile amongst researchers?

It is easy and quick to submit an employee profile to, and accompany this with a brief outline of your organisation.

PhD students and research staff keen to look beyond academia are increasingly using this site to consider their options.

Talk to one of the team today, or write to