Showcasing careers beyond academia
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Further resources

Royal Society: Career Case Studies
A collection of case studies highlighting the range of career paths taken by researchers within and beyond academia, and also those that span both.

Vitae: What do researcher staff do next? Career stories
Career stories collection describing the experiences of research staff who have moved to occupations beyond academia.

FirstMedCommsJob: Medical Communications Career stories
A collection of profiles from individuals working for a range of medical communications companies.

eLife: Career options for Researchers
An hour long webinar discussing a range of career options available to those moving out of research and a summary of some key advice.

From PhD to Life: Transition Q & As
A career coach who also has a number of free resources available on their website. This includes some profiles discussing how people transitioned into non-academic careers.

PhDs at Work: Week in the Life
Bloggers sharing their work days for a week; there is also follow up series called “One Year Later”.

BMC: Science > Careers
A series of blogs on alternative career paths that involve science.

Cheeky Scientist

A job-search training platform supporting PhDs transitioning into industry.