What we do

Researchers find all sorts of rewarding careers – smart people work everywhere! Such diversity in potential roles can prove challenging when exploring your options.

This collection of career profiles enables you to see what others in your position chose to do, why and how they made the move, and what they most enjoy about their job. You will get a feel for their daily activities, workplace culture and work-life balance.

Top tip:  Look out for authors’ insights into which skills developed during or after their PhD proved helpful in getting their job, and performing well there. You’ll be encouraged to see how people are building on their research expertise to thrive in newer roles.

And don’t miss the “employer bio” at the end of each career profile for careers opportunities in each organisation.

Who makes this happen?

We, the editors, are a team of curious and committed volunteer PhD students and research staff working in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Careers Service. Our role is to source career profiles from a range of fascinating sectors written by researchers with backgrounds spanning the humanities, social sciences, physical and life sciences – learn more about us here.

You too can contribute

If you have a PhD and now work outside academic research, please get in touch! Your experiences of transitioning will add value to this collection, and we will walk you through our simple and efficient process for producing a profile.

Suggest a new profile

If there’s a particular sector or role missing from the collection of profiles that you’d like to see represented, or have a questions, please get in touch, via email or Twitter.